The Bamboo

Believe it or not, the bamboo is the savior of the Philippine environment.

Bamboo has the potential to preserve the forests, contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, provide food, security and livelihood.

Bamboo is most useful in rehabilitating degraded land, conserving top-soil and in water management.

Bamboo is the amazing alternative that meets our ecological, cultural, economic and social needs.

Bamboo grow faster than any other plant on earth. It is the longest grass in the world, varying in length from 30 centimeters to as high as 40 meter or 100 feet.

Bamboo lasts from 20-50 years. It grows 3 centimeters a day.

Bamboo grows so fast you can watch it grow.

Bamboo controls soil erosion and stabilizes riverbanks. It grows in most places in the world (except Antartica) even under adverse conditions.

Bamboo is the plant that will give respite to our dwindling forests.

Bamboo is the plant with incredible economic potential. In a lifespan of 35 years, a bamboo plant can produce 15 kilometers of usable pole.

Bamboo is the most versatile and most beautiful plant on earth.

There are 1,250 species of bamboo. There are 12 bamboo genera consisting of 49 species in the Philippines.

But only eight are extensively used: kawayan tinik, kawayan kiling, bayog, botong, giant bamboo,bolo, anos and buho.

Let us now start the silent revolution of cultivating bamboo.

Bamboo Species

Bamboo Propagation

Uses of Bamboo